Catherine Rose
Founder and CEO, Slinky Productions

Exotic Dance Instruction & Pole Dancing Classes


Who is Catherine?


 Catherine started her career as an exotic dancer at age 18, part-time, while still a student. When she retired at 31, friends kept inviting her to teach them “a few sexy moves.” Catherine obliged by offering small workshops in sensual dance exclusively to her closest friends and communities in 2000. It was through these informal efforts that Ms. Rose came to develop her love of erotic movement and working with women into a full time business that now includes ongoing classes, private lessons, bachelorette parties, and an award winning tour of strip clubs. Known for her professional (yet personal) approach, Catherine will put you at ease with her supportive, respectful style of teaching, helping you to reconnect with your sexy feminine essence.

Having actually worked in the field for years before becoming teacher, Catherine is uniquely qualified to demystify exotic dance concepts and techniques, as well as the practice of the profession. After being a dancer, she explored a wide range of courses in sexuality as a path for personal and spiritual growth.

If you have ever wanted feel more sexy and powerful in your body, then exotic dance classes are for you!

Classes and Workshops

In a weekend afternoon Exotic Dance Workshop, you will learn everything from hip gyrations to the psychology of eye contact to cleavage and booty shows.

In the Combo Lapdance Floorshow Class you will learn sizzling lapdancing techniques as well as floorwork.

Our Pole Dance Classes are the sexiest excuse for a workout. The Pole Dance series classes will take you to more advanced spins/grips and then inversions/climbing. Our intermediate Pole Dance Labs will stretch your skills.

Weekend Pole Dance Intensive: 4 hours in 1 weekend. Emerge with pole skill and confidence.

All classes are geared towards everyday women who are curious about erotic/exotic dance with or without the pole. There is no age or body type restriction— erotic dancing is for everyone. There is however a weight limit of 185lbs for the pole classes.

Register for classes at Slinky Productions or call 510-465-7607.


Exotic Dance Workshops

Introduction to Exotic Dance Workshop $119
See website for dates 
pre-registration required






Pole Dancing Classes

4 Week Pole Dance Supreme 8 Hours 
See website for dates
8-10PM $259

Intermediate Pole Lab
See website for dates








Lapdancing and Floorwork Classes

Floorshow/Lapdance Combo Class $119
Sunday 1-5:30PM 
See website for dates
pre-registration required.
with Catherine Rose


Ladies Lapdance $65
See website for dates
pre-registration required
with Catherine Rose



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Catherine in the media

If you really want to dance like a pro, skip Crunch Fitness and the larger studios, and go straight to a real live stripper (even a retired one) to show you how it’s done.
— Curve Magazine
In Curve Magazine January 2008 "Finding Her Inner Stripper"

In Curve Magazine January 2008 "Finding Her Inner Stripper"

In Redbook Magazine Aug. 2007 "What I Learned in Sex School"

In Redbook Magazine Aug. 2007 "What I Learned in Sex School"