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"The Scientific Assassination of a Sexual Revolutionary: How America Interrupted Wilhelm Reich's Orgasmic Utopia"

"Jason Louv's article on Wilhelm Reich's life is a must read.

Reich has been one of my major heroes from day one. Ever since I read his best book The Function of the Orgasm I was hooked. Everything he said about orgasm resonated with me"


"In 1948, Reich would codify his theory in his major work, The Function of the Orgasm, in which he stated that the orgasm exists not only as a reproductive function but as a way for the body to regulate tension and achieve emotional release. Full orgasmic release—in which the individual holds nothing back and does not seek to repress the function psychically or physically—was seen by Reich as a key to mental health...."  to read more visit blog post by Betty Dodson - CLICK HERE

To Read Jason Louv's article on Wilhelm Reich's life "The Scientific Assassination of a Sexual Revolutionary: How America Interrupted Wilhelm Reich's Orgasmic Utopia" - CLICK HERE.

Music Therapy and Veterans

"Music Therapist Scott Tonkinson, MT-BC, and ASU Music Therapy students Carlos Urtubey and Alexis Edmonds lead a group music therapy session in partnership with Guitars for Veterans, helping those who served with the challenges of PTSD."

What is Tantra?

More about the Art of Living:
More about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Sri Sri founded The Art of Living as an international, non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization in 1982. Its educational and self-development programs offer powerful tools to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well-being through powerful breathing techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga. Appealing not only to a specific population, these practices have proven effective globally at all levels of society.

What is Yoga?
The secret to health and happiness lies deep within every human. Yoga is the science of discovering one's own self - the very source of pure consciousness, peace and bliss. Everyone knows that we don't feel good and we get stressed when there is disharmony in our lives, when our bodies are tired and our busy minds constantly chatter and judge. Through the discipline of Yoga we become more aware of ourselves by doing simple postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation to rejuvenate the body and quite the mind. It is in this manner that we cultivate harmony in ourselves.

What is Meditation
Settling the surface mind is meditation. Living in the present is meditation. Relaxing deeply is meditation. When you are really happy, reposing in love, you are meditating. Meditation is that space when the thoughts have subsided, and the mind is in complete rest.

What is Sudarshan Kriya
Sudarshan Kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath which harmonize the body, mind and emotions. This unique breathing technique eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving you calm yet energized, focused & yet relaxed. Millions around the world have done this unique practice and have reported better quality of life.