Andy Hartman

Structural Bodywork, Reiki, 4-mation Breath work


Who is Andy?


Structural Body-work

Andy has learned Structural Bodywork from Marcus Daniels of the Lung Ta Institute in New Jersey. This bodywork works through the muscles to realign the skeleton. It separates muscles that have become connected, allowing them to move independently, and it relieves muscular tension to allow the skeleton to come back into alignment. The goal is to give the body more efficiency in movement and to create a different, less straining, relationship to gravity. The bodywork, as taught by Marcus Daniels, focuses on the anatomy and strokes, but more importantly, develops the presence and state of being that the practitioner has during the session. It is the state of presence, more than pressure, that facilitates muscular release.

In Structural Bodywork, each stroke is intended to cause a structural change in the body. In fact, during training classes, photos are taken before and after each treatment to see how they differ.


Andy does Reiki, breathwork, and structural bodywork and deep tissue massage by appointment.





Reiki is a form of energy healing that soothes the body, and gently calms the mind and emotions. Recipients experience profound relaxation, relief from pain, and emotional calming. A Reiki treatment is gentle yet powerful. There is no manipulation of tissues (as in massage, for example) and you do not remove your clothes.

For more information, see an article about Reiki, printed in the San Francisco Examiner, that features an interview with Andy.



4-mation Breathwork


Inner Exploration through Breath, Music, and Touch

How many times have you heard "Take a deep breath"? Just one breath can totally change your relationship to the moment. So why not continue? In 4-mation Breathwork, we expand on and experiment with the breath and its impact on our consciousness.

Based on an East Indian technique of breathing, 4-mation Breathwork is a powerful tool to move you deeper into presence and feeling. In addition to relieving tension and stress, it also releases unresolved emotions, allowing us to respond more fully in the present.

As Andy practices 4-mation Breathwork, he draws on his experience with several different techniques, including Rebirthing, Breatherapy, and Cellular Memory Healing. Also a certified bodyworker and Reiki Master, he incorporates those practices as well.

This technique is relaxation, purification and transformation through respiration, so we call it 4-mation Breathwork.


Andy also works as a professional tour director (he's ITMI certified) and a professional organizer. He's formerly a software professional (resume in PDF format).

Andy is enthusiastic about dance, racquetball, and photography.